Whitstable in the Snow

8 01 2010

It’s a bit strange to see snow on the beach, but pretty! The Lad of Kent may be small, but he’s loving every minute.

Home, snowy Home!

Tankerton Beach

Beach huts from Tankerton Slopes

Man of Kent


Random Travel Pic

2 12 2009

Blogging has been non existent ‘cos of work pressures. Here’s another random Travel Pic. Hope to be back properly soon.

River at Vang Vieng, Laos

View of the river at Vang Vieng, whilst sipping an ice cold Beer Lao back in 2005.

Man of Kent

Nanny State Beer

28 09 2009

Brewdog Brewery, who make pretty good beer upset a load of do goody goody busibodies a while back launching Tokyo beer, an imperial stout with an alcohol content of 18.2%.

Well now, they have launched a seriously weak beer (1.1%) called… Nanny State!

Click the picture to go to the bbc news site, and read the stupid pontificating about both Tokyo & now Nanny State by Alcohol Focus Scotland including this comment “Campaigners welcomed the 1.1% alcohol Nanny State but said the name showed a lack of appreciation of the problem” that completely misses the point as usual. Alcohol Focus is one of those astroturfing fake charities that receive all of their funding from Government etc.

More power to your elbows, Martin & James!

See the Daily Mash about Alcohol limits, in particular the comments of “Emma Bishop” which eloquently sums up my attitude too.

Man of Kent

Random Travel Picture

24 09 2009

Too appalled by the contempt that those who govern us seem to show for the British public to be particularly coherent, so here’s a random Travel Photo:

West Coast and Glaciers 032

Fox Glacier, New Zealand’s South Island.
November 2005.

Man of Kent

New England Rugby Kit

18 09 2009

At last, the England Rugby Jersey has dispensed with those horrible red swooshes, and is now (nearly all) White!

Great. Wonder if the change kit will go back to the traditional navy blue?

Man of Kent

Queen Elizabeth I Thyspace page

18 09 2009

Cool Facebook parody (Click the picture to see the whole thing):

Queen Elizabeth I's Thyspace page

Queen Elizabeth I's Thyspace page

HT Blame it on the Voices

Man of Kent


28 07 2009

Will be back properly blogging soon, particularly as the government is doing things like this:

MOD bid to cut payouts

In the mean time, here’s a cool cartoon from one of my favourite artists; Tatsuda Ishida-