29 05 2009

As some of you may know, Rugby has been labouring under a set of Experimental Law Variations for a little while, which thankfully have now been mainly tanked for next season by the IRB.

The “ELVs” in this clip come from Alternative Rugby Commentary and are ones that all Rugby Fans can get behind!

Check the other videos/animations at the ARC website

Man of Kent


Swiss Army

27 05 2009

Not really got got much to say about anything at the moment (although there’s loads I should vent my spleen about) so here’s my favourite t-shirt at the moment:

Man of Kent

¡uʍop ǝpısdn

23 05 2009

¡ʇno ƃuıllıɥɔ ǝɹɐ ʎlıɯɐɟ ǝɥʇ & ‘puǝʞǝǝʍ ʎɐpıloɥ ʞuɐq ǝɥʇ s,ʇı

¡dɐ uʍop ǝpısdn looɔ sıɥʇ ɹoɟ ǝlʇıʇ dılɟ ʇno ʞɔǝɥɔ


Golf GTi Scalextric

21 05 2009


Go to GTi Project

Go to GTi Project



This is really cool.  Have test driven the Lad of Kent’s Scalextric a few times as he’s a bit small to play with it at the mo (honestly, I had to make sure that it worked – 100 times!)

Make sure that you have a pretty fast computer though,as it’s a bit hungry for memory.

Man of Kent