RIP Bill McLaren

19 01 2010

Legendary Rugby Commentator Bill McLaren died today, at the age of 86.  Rest in Peace, a true rugby gentleman.

A Classic Commentary

Favourite Quote “I’m no hod carrier but I would be laying bricks if he [Jonah Lomu] was running at me.”

Man of Kent


Nanny State Beer

28 09 2009

Brewdog Brewery, who make pretty good beer upset a load of do goody goody busibodies a while back launching Tokyo beer, an imperial stout with an alcohol content of 18.2%.

Well now, they have launched a seriously weak beer (1.1%) called… Nanny State!

Click the picture to go to the bbc news site, and read the stupid pontificating about both Tokyo & now Nanny State by Alcohol Focus Scotland including this comment “Campaigners welcomed the 1.1% alcohol Nanny State but said the name showed a lack of appreciation of the problem” that completely misses the point as usual. Alcohol Focus is one of those astroturfing fake charities that receive all of their funding from Government etc.

More power to your elbows, Martin & James!

See the Daily Mash about Alcohol limits, in particular the comments of “Emma Bishop” which eloquently sums up my attitude too.

Man of Kent

Remembering 9/11

11 09 2009

Man of Kent

Libertarian Party’s 1st Councillor

9 09 2009

Councillor Gavin Webb, of Stoke upon Trent city council has joined the Libertarian Party from the Liberal Democrats.

One part of his statement stood out for me “We are on the road of authoritarianism, where government is our ruler rather than us being the ruler of our government. It is time for each and every single one of us to make a stand against government and those who feed off it, and demand the reduction of its size and scope.”

I hope that Gavin thrives with us in the Libertarian Party, and that he is the first of many who will hopeful return power to the people, not the professional politicians as now.

Libertarian Party Press Release

Man of Kent

Rugby 7’s & the Olympics

13 08 2009

Rugby 7’s has been recommended for inclusion as an Olympic Sport from 2016. This is great, & makes good sense commercially too! 7s wouldn’t need additional facilities, & should fill the Olympic Stadium for the Couple of days of the tournament, raising a load of cash and gaining massive TV exposure.

Should be great for Rugby development too, as in many countries, sport funding is linked to the Olympics.

Hope that the IOC ratifies it in September.

Not sure that Golf should have been included as well though – The Olympics are never going to represent the pinnacle for Golfers, just as they don’t for tennis stars. Would have thought that squash, karate etc. would benefit much more.

Man of Kent

Update: Should have added – please sign the petition at to keep up the pressure.
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11 08 2009

I think that everyone who supports our guys should check out this blog of an American Photojournalist called Michael Yon who’s embedded with 2 Rifles in Afghanistan. It gives a much less sterile view of the conflict than that seen on the MSM, and the fact that the troops have had to dye their desert combat shirts green just goes to prove that the MOD appear to be absolutely useless.

Man of Kent

DNA Database

10 08 2009

From the Guardian, via No2ID:

“Chief constables across England and Wales have been told to ignore a landmark ruling by the European court of human rights and carry on adding the DNA profiles of tens of thousands of innocent people to a national DNA database.

Senior police officers have also been “strongly advised” that it is “vitally important” that they resist individual requests based on the Strasbourg ruling to remove DNA profiles from the national database in cases such as wrongful arrest, mistaken identity, or where no crime has been committed.

European human rights judges ruled last December in the S and Marper case that the blanket and indiscriminate retention of the DNA profiles and fingerprints of 850,000 people arrested but never convicted of any offence amounts to an unlawful breach of their rights.”

So, the Plod have been advised to ignore the ruling – but by whom? The ACPO, that’s who. A private company, advising our Police to ignore the Law. A private company, to whom the Freedom of Information Act does not apply. This private company defines strategies etc. is one of the largest Quangos, with it’s training arm being a “jobs for the boys” operation for retired Plod.

I’m always amazed that the provitization op the Police has gone largely unnoticed (except in the blogsphere) but surely it’s becoming obvious that this must change (apparently, Chris Grayling has stated that the Conservatives will scrap the tripartite structure that includes the ACPO with Police Authorities & the Home Office, but I’ll believe it when I see it!)

Until then I’ll just keep supporting no2ID and other civil liberties campaigns.

Man of Kent


If you have had your DNA taken, and have not been cautioned or convicted of a crime, you should probably pop over here:

Man of Kent